BELOW: a peek at "Bid 'Em In" by Neal Sopata, which aired during the "WE GOT TO DO
BETTER" premiere on BET.

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MzTexas005 says,

What iz dat mess all about?
I don't like looking at dat... what yall think?

zim32001 says,

Ok I'm a dude and that made me sad. I know we need to
remember slavery because without knowing history it can be repeated.....but Bid Em' In was not
needed. I was disgusted and the way it was presented was comical. BET has lost
all my respect.

MzTexas005 says,

Yea that's what im saying... It really did bring me down.

disiny2003 says,

I liked it. It made me think. I don't think that the way it was presented made
it comical.

daddysgina says,

that "mess" that you called it ..was suppose to be a message to our
people that we have do better for oursleves .it showed the horrible things we
went through under slavery shows that we are still leaving in slavery and
we dont even kow or just dont care ....

MzTexas005 says,

that was a bit too far! My great great grandmother was a slave and it made me
think about her. Yea we do kno dat we are still going through it, but what are
we going to do about it? How can we make it better? And i can call it
"MESS" if i want to, itz my opinion and I can voice it all i want to
on here... Good Day!

latanson says,

Whoever created that segment...I thought it was
brilliant. Slavery is never a light matter, but that segment demonstrated
to us the mentality of the slave owners towards slaves. That is
something we need to realize. We weren't bought here as humans...we were
bought here as domestic animals. And until a Black Man sits as president of
USA; know that our work isn't done yet. Know that slave owners didn't bring you
here to be their neighbors or business partners. They brought you over as free
labor to work their cotton fields. Use that energy and get your college
education. Become something prominent to yourself, your family and your society.

Lastly, black Americans need to educate
themselves regarding their history. I have many foreign Black friends who seem
to know more about our history then us. Every Black Person in America should
know what NAACP stands for...that segment was ridiculous!!!! The NAACP is
the pinnicle of Black Freedom.

Mzsexycoco30 says,

Perhaps the point of this cartoon
short was to flash us back to a time when black women were being exploited by
white men. Now, in 2007, things obviously have changed to where the black women
are being exploited by black men (rappers) in these videos. The only difference
between women of today and women of slave times is that the slave women had no
other choice but to be used at the white man's discretion. Today black women
have a choice not to appear in demeaning rap videos, but unfortunately they do
it anyway, ignoring the repercussions that may come about. Well, at least this
is the message I got from watching the cartoon.

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