Sorry, WE GOT TO DO BETTER will not be airing for the next 14 days

BET's Hot Ghetto Mess (also known as WE GOT TO DO BETTER) is already living up to its name. At least two major advertisers — State Farm and Home Depot, by one account — have pulled out of the July 25 premiere, apparently averse to its content. Inspired by a website, Hot Ghetto Mess (aka WE GOT TO DO BETTER) is a hybrid of viewer-submitted videos and BET-produced segments that, detractors argue, present African-Americans in an unflattering light. "A few of our clients have asked to move to other programming day-parts, and we simply accommodated their request," is all BET will confirm in a statement to Reuters.

A series producer claims the intent is to spur discussion within the black community, while others say it only perpetuates stereotypes. Still others take issue with series cohosts Don Imus and Michael Richards. Joke. TV GUIDE

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